I want these kids to love the sport, to have the success they dream of, and to become the best versions of themselves every single day

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I wanted to coach because I love it, I wanted to coach because the kids inspire me to be the best I can be every day. My athletes keep me moving, give me practices to look forward to, accomplishments to celebrate, lessons to learn with them. I coach because I have been coached, I coach because I have been inspire. I coach because I love wrestling, and finally, I coach for those who will come after me. Among all the reasons, I coach for those who impacted my career that have passed on.


As I ran, I gazed up at the stars

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Instead of memories of failure, my brain instantly became flooded with all the times I’d shown up. Not only for myself, but for the people in my life. I felt peace and energy almost instantly. I stood back up and I started moving again.


The gap between when kids arrive and the start of the session is an ideal opportunity to set the scene and build momentum for your session

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When planning for the kids’ arrival, design activities that:

  1. Will occupy as little as one child and up to a sizeable group of kids.
  2. Ideally don’t require any additional set-up and may even use the same space and equipment as the formal warm up game or activity.
  3. Kids can walk straight into as they arrive at different times.
  4. Transition seamlessly into the start of the session.